Climate is non-negotiable

If you have 1.5 hours to spare, watch this spectacular movie “HOME”, free of charge on youtube. It is free of charge, because the maker (French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand) needs it to reach you, fast. To know what you’re going to be watching, read here. Abstract: “Home is a 2009 documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. The […]

Bublé again…

Ok, this is so cool. Speaking of faith in the Universe, I’m sure I did something like that too when I was reeeeeaally young: [youtube][/youtube] And for hardcore fans, he’s sooooo adorable here.

Promotion with Caramel – valid till 30 Jun 09*

Everybody, go drop by Caramel, grab a dress (or more), and enjoyed 10% discount instantly when you flash my latest album “You are my angel” to them! The evening dresses are gorgeous, and the casual wears are really very affordable. They don’t hard sell at all, so don’t worry! [Edit on 3 Jun 09: I […]

Fresh Music Awards – Podcast

Once again, I was delighted and honoured to be invited to one of Fresh Music’s podcasts, this time round as a ‘presenter’ for Fresh Music Awards 2009. I have to say I am always amazed by how quick and witty the 2 presenters ‘Yellow Cucumber’ and ‘Little Tomato’ are, and the explosive chemistry they share. […]

If you understand Japanese…

Then this article is for you. All thanks to the all mighty Suzuki San, I get to be featured in this Singapore-Japan travel magazine. The interview was conducted last Dec (I think) but it’s published only in Apr 09.  If you understand any of it, post a comment here! 🙂 Pls esp. translate the whole […]

Fresh Music Podcast part 2

And here’s the part 2! If you’re curious about how and why I went to Mackie Kitchen (Hong Kong) to perform in May, the difficulties I faced with regards to performance spaces in Singapore, as an indie singer here’s from the horse’s mouth.. And….Tien-yao and I have plans to go Taiwan to perform end of […]

Podcast on Fresh Music

I am Fresh Music Podcast #82 lol. We recorded the podcast in one of SMU’s random rooms, and it was great to finally meet the faces behind Fresh Music. I really think it requires loads of dedication, and love for music, in order to keep the site going. Do check out their site; you can […]

btw 2

I was invited by My Paper to submit another article after the one that was published on 5 Mar…the deadline was 31 Mar and yes, of course I submitted my ‘draft’ on 31 Mar. To my utter surprise, Esther emailed me at 8.55pm on 1 Apr and told me that they’re taking the ‘draft’ and […]

Sina Music Box

I’m thrilled that my music has reached people in China! Woohooo! All thanks to Kris my blue butterfly. (”,)

Article on My Paper (Wo Bao)

My Paper has kindly invited me to write an article for them. Wohoo!! Here it is, published on 5 March 08:

Songs on MySpace Music now

I am a big fan of MySpace Music. To me, it works very well as the tester machine in a CD shop that allows you to check out the songs in an album first before you decide to buy or not. So here we go: pls click here to hear the songs in my EP […]

A Love Song (To Show You How I Feel)

I wrote this song in Dec last year, but only managed to finish it yesterday. It’s a simple 2-min song which I do not intend to prolong just because it seems short. The original lyrics is “I wanna write you a love song..”, but I am moved by the fact that there are many people […]