U-weekly mag_28 Apr 08

U-weekly mag_28 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Thanks to Tina who called me for a phone interview out of the blue one day. Honestly from the bottom of my heart, I thought it’s just a matter of time before someone picks up on the fact that there is a sudden influx of indie singers, […]

I-mag_28 Apr 08

I-mag_28 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. All thanks to Jac of I-weekly Mag who contacted me via facebook. It was really coincidental cos I-weekly contacted me 2 days after U-mag contacted me (see next entry). And incidentally, I-weekly helps to inform regarding my radio interview with Liyi of 933FM (on 29 Apr @ 420pm […]

Peformance at Foshan (佛山)

Performance @ Foshan This is quite unbelievable. Soon after I’ve confirmed my HK trip, Blue Butterfly asked me to go over to Foshan 佛山 as he could get me to perform at jazz pub, and also go on a radio station (佛山电台音乐台, 98.5FM) for an interview. I was like – HAR!?? WOW. So I’m going […]

About Music & Lyrics (copyright and royalties)

Ok I’m not the best person to ‘advise’ on this, just wanna share what I know from the making of my album. For model answers, please go to www.compass.org.sg First off, it’s always easier to come up with an album with songs written by yourself, with 100% of the rights belonging to you. Why? Because […]

Now available at Sembawang Music

I went down to Sembawang Music’s HQ yesterday morning to deliver 100pcs of CDs. Yes 1 huge box, heavy until ~~… But Colin (person-in-charge) was very very nice and supportive. Sembawang Music is really cool because it gives people the ‘home’ feel, and it lives up to its ‘feel’ – Colin said that SM (oh […]

Song choices

Ok here goes my first post regarding making of my album. Let’s talk about song choices. The idea of doing an album occured in Dec 2006, but choosing the songs, believe it or not, was such an arduous and head-breaking process that it lasted right up to March 07 when I had to finally go […]

Hong Kong holiday/performance

In 2 weeks’ time, I’ll be in Hong Kong for my holiday! Yeah! I need a holiday sooooo badly. All thanks to Blue Butterfly, I get to know about this Hong Kong indie singer, aniDa, who is also the boss of Mackie Bookstore, a very cosy bookstore which sells all sorts of fantastic books and […]

Sina Music

Blue Butterfly has wrote another review for my album, this time round on SINA Music. It’s great that my music can be heard by people in China. He is quite a popular music reviewer and author in Guangzhou, and I’m really honoured. My HK trip is coming, I’m sure we can meet up then! Sometimes […]

The Making of Lonely Afternoon

I know I should have done this long ago…to share the process of doing a DIY album with people who are interested. Hmm….but better late than never :p I will post more entries in this page very soon, do check back regularly if you would like to find out more. I will write about erm, […]

Republic Poly Flyer

Republic Poly Flyer, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Even though I was super tired (same for Kangyang and Ken) that morning, I was really happy about the performance @ Republic Polytechnic. Will post more thoughts very soon, after Kang Yang sent me the pics! One thing for sure: RP people are so nice ahhhhh!

01 Apr 08 Radio Show

01 Apr 08, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. Ken invited 2 listeners of our radio programme to come to the studio and watch us perform ‘live’. Yeah! I guess it must be something new to watch us convey messages to each other using waving arms, kicking legs, locked eyebrows and differents looks in our eyes….all without […]

Play With Me

Play With Me, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo. It is 3.53am and I am still working! I’m so tired now I really feel like sleeping through Friday. But I’ve an appointment with NUS tmr..zzzz… While printing some stuff..let me blog a bit… I think I want to mention some stuff here: I welcome all DIY singers […]

Sina Music Box

I’m thrilled that my music has reached people in China! Woohooo! http://music.sina.com.cn/yueku/a/71890.html All thanks to Kris my blue butterfly. (”,)


Thank you to each and everyone who went down to Raffles Place Park to see me perform last Fri. I’m sorry I had to start the performance earlier as the programme under-ran, and the drizzle was threatening. Tien-yao was a little stuck in traffic and could only manage to take a few photos for me […]

Green Swallow

It’s really a pleasure to meet up with Green Swallow, the local female singer-songwriter who is well-known for a song she wrote for Andy Lau. I like this song a lot, so it’s great to meet up with the creator behind it! Her name is Kathryn, or Biyan as she is more popularly known as. […]