The Walk (9-10months)

Where do I start.. everything has changed so much since my last post. The biggest change being that he started… walking at 9 months! Never did I imagine that he would start to walk so early. Some would celebrate the early onset and for me, I think I’m just surprised, but also relieved that I […]

8th Month Wonder – To Shave or not to Shave

Well… we did shave his hair at 4 months… but the husband did it himself and we were so afraid of hurting him that we left quite a length from the scalp, so that really wasn’t “shaving”. After his hair grew out, we realised that his hair was really sparse (and uneven)…and under the incessant […]

Dave tongue out

Baby Dave Meets Buddy (Mini-Schnauzer)

Dogs and babies – we’ve seen so many cute photos and videos of them getting along together but we knew that Buddy wouldn’t take to baby Dave even before Dave was born. We got that answer in a scary way when, as a trial, we had a monkey soft toy masqueraded as a baby in my […]