Save My Bag (Made In Italy) – Finally a store in Singapore! #advertorial

Can you imagine setting up a bag business in 2013, and then by the end of 2015, has more than 700 stores across the globe carrying your bags? Check out Save My Bag. Incidentally, Oprah Winfrey was one of the first few customers because she loved it! I was invited to the store opening at […]

[ADV] My Wedding Vendors

I can’t believe how late this entry is – close to 6 months after the wedding (lol). It would be absurd if this crosses over to 2014, so here we go! I’d love to share the excellent partners who assisted to make my wedding celebration my dream one! Wedding Gown & Suit – Caramel & […]

[ADV] Diamond Lash

Thank you Diamond Lash for the gorgeous eyelashes! I love “Gully” (L-pink) because they really elongate my eyes, and “Wink” (R-green) is great when I perform. Now available exclusively at Watsons. 🙂 Check out the total 4 series here! There are so many to play with :]

[ADV] ShoppaholicMe

I love online shopping, because my hectic schedule mostly leaves me shopping like a man – to shop only when I need a dress or a top or bottom for a performance/event/function etc. I may not need high-end/branded clothes all the time for performances, but the pieces have to look sleek, and cool! So one […]