Catch me on Power98, Acoustic Lounge..

…this Sat (17 Oct 09) from 8pm! We recorded 2 originals and 3 covers. All thanks to the support of DJ Harry and the crew of Power 98:

Bev @ Power98 Studio

Singing 2 originals and 3 covers

Harry the Power DJ!

DJ Harry

2 thoughts on “Catch me on Power98, Acoustic Lounge..

  1. Hey Bevlyn!!! Managed to catch the tail end of your session on Power 98!! Would like to know the last name of the song cause you sounded great on it! 🙂 Love your voice and is that song available on your cd??? Thanks and hope to hear from you!!

    1. Hi Diane, thanks for dropping me a note 🙂
      The song is “Play with me”, and it is available in both my self-released EP album ‘Lonely Afternoon’, and my latest album ‘You Are My Angel’. Pls go to to find out more 🙂

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