Busy week

Flowers for Kef, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

I am so sleep-deprived this week…zzzzz…

But, so many exciting things have been happening, they really leave me in a spin.

Congratulations to Kef, a hairstylist whom I have gotten to know as a friend over the years. He has seen me through my first boyfriend to err, now, and it’s really amazing the kind of hairstylist-friend-relationship we have. Have you ever thought about your own hairstylist? It’s like checking in on an old friend every few months and you know things could still be picked up from that point (Of course at the beginning you always feel like your hair is at his mercy).

Kef has just opened his own hair saloon “Hair Nox Saloon” at High Street Centre, and I’m SOOOO excited for him. To open a shop (of that level of commitment) has always been one of my dreams too, so to see him finally do it is wonderous. And because of him, I got to order online, my first flower stand for him lol.

And thanks to the kind staff (Hui Chun, Chee Chang, Pei Zhen) from The Nanyang Chronicle who invited me for an interview in March. Weiding even wrote a music review on my album! The feature is finally out and can be downloaded here.

And really, a big thank you to each and everyone who voted for “When I’m 80″ up the chart of 1003FM. I am still in awe that it’s number 8 now. Like I had said during Ken’s programme, climbing up a pop chart wasn’t even in my wildest dreams when I did this album. I am really very touched. Thank you for showing me the support in this fashion!

Please be reminded that our radio programme has been changed to Wednesdays from now on. And…I may not be singing on-air for long…maybe by the end of May?

I’m also excited that my performances in schools start this week! Am going to Anderson JC and Republic Poly, still in the midst of confirming some more schools.

And….and….I’m going to Hongkong over the weekend of Labour Day! Finally, my much-needed break out of Singapore, though I’m going over mainly for work..more details later :)

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