Yes I just turned 30. And loving it. There was no big bang party like some comet’s gonna hit the earth or something like that. I mean, how should hitting 30 feel like? There’s no universal feeling to it right? Just when everyone’s teasing me about hitting the big 3, strangely, I feel that life has just begun. Like I’m reliving my 20s, only now with more wisdom, assurance, love for myself, and, more money of course haha. It feels excellent.

My 1st birthday celebration was a lovely surprise disguised as a casual lunch with my business partner Hsin, who ‘lured’ me to California Pizza Kitchen, and ta-dah, to my surprise, 4 other musician friends were there (each holding up the big menu to hide their faces from me). I’ll always remember that sight 😀

A Little Dream on 18 Feb 09

And my endearing French class classmates threw me a surprise birthday party too (another girl Hooi Ping shares the same birthday as me!). Of course the birthday song was sung in French lol:

French Class_21 02 2009Me & Hooi Ping - the birthday girls

At my humble request, my childhood friends agreed to eat Indian food. How time flies, now we’ve 2 babies in the grp!

Girlfriends & Spouses at Go India

And of course my helium pills Dengli, Tien-yao, Joey at my fav French resto – Fresh & French at Vivocity:

Joey, me, Dengli, Tien-yaoSurpise 2nd bluetooth headset

Imagine my surprise when I got my 2nd bluetooth headpiece in a day – I was chided by Tien-yao for not crossing out items on my birthday list – err, but I wouldn’t know in advance right? (More photos)

Thank you to each and everyone who remembers my birthday (honestly I was very touched by the flood of smses, facebook/msn msgs, it’s a gesture I never take for granted).  And of course the cards and presents (some still travelling from overseas – one of which my gfs told me I just might get only in April – who waits that long for a birthday present!? –> me).

Counting down to the end of Feb… short and sweet.

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