Birthday Wish List

Ok, this is thick-skinned I know. But instead of getting random birthday gifts which I won’t have much use for (and hence feel so guilty for not using them at all), I was thinking, why don’t I just come up with a wish list for this year round! Here we go:

  1. The Simply Red 25 hits cd
  2. English-French electronic dictionary
  3. French storybooks (for children)
  4. Thomas Dutronc’s album “Comme Un Manouche”
  5. Bluetooth headpiece for my mobile phone
  6. This album by Ryosuke Nakanishi
  7. Dark chocolates (no alcohol pls)
  8. Treat me to a round of chilli and black pepper crabs. And butter crabs too. I can finish them trust me.
  9. To my silly and sarcastic friends (esp Tien-yao), pls say nice things about me for once on my birthday.  Words you may use include ‘slim and pretty, young and talented’, merci.
  10. Surprise me with anything pleasant.

One more month to go. I’m ready for it 🙂

2 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List

  1. saw you today, already slim enough and really pretty. 🙂

    very good performance, and really improve a lot.

    Singing old song is very challenging, audience will compare with previous singer, tonight, i enjoy your “golden” songs.

    very nice voice for new year song, bright voice and lively music is a plus.

    may be once awhile sleepless, than we will have more new songs 😛

    can’t wait for new album and concert. 🙂

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