Billy Elliot

This musical I’ve just caught in Melbourne is probably the best thing that happened to me for this trip…

I’ve always loved this movie/book/musical. It’s insane how it can provoke strong emotions in me everytime I watch it. If there’s a way to help me not cry (for once) when I watch this show… honestly I don’t want to know.

I wanna feel the electricity, the sparks, I wanna feel free. I wanna keep that part, that is so often drowned out by everyone’s expectations of myself. I should know what I can bring out of myself best. As with everyone else.

Just be true to yourself.

One thought on “Billy Elliot

  1. i saw ur new landing page! the pic so feeling.. haha…

    anyway, ur album will be out in all record shops? if i buy first will there be any ‘upgraded’ versions if the sales is good? haha…

    anyway, hope ya enjoying the last 2 days in Melbourne~


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