Bevlyn In Concert – trinkle of post-concert thoughts

Bevlyn In Concert, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Yes, voila!

I actually had insomnia for a couple of nights after the concert ended. I guess it is very me to ruminate about things, the highs and lows. But all in all, everything went very well (actually as my close friends would have said, it was already a miracle I didn’t fall flat on my face from the trip over the monitor ).

And I really count my blessings of having such excellent musicians to help me out for the concert this time round. My applause for Tien-yao (who has stuck by me all through these months), Lim Hui (who agreed at once when I asked her), James (who flaunted his muscles on both bass and piano), Shawn (whose percussion made such a great difference to the songs), and Jason (who agreed to play bass 3-4 days before the concert haha). I LOVED the dinners and the backstage times, however short and random they were. You guys are adorable!

UCC is really a great place to perform at. The staff was friendly and helpful, and they really made everyone feel positive and good. Feels great!

And of course my special thanks to Vocare Media – Sam, Joyce, Fion and Dustin, for sponsoring videography for the concert. That, to me, is so so important.

The preparation – when I literally locked myself up at home a week before the day – was stressful, especially when I was crazily practising the guitar (actually at the same time training for my skin to be doubly-thick because of the stint).

But when the music from the full band came on during rehearsals, all the stress was gone. Just soaking in it was heaven. I had SO much stress, but I also had SO MUCH FUN.

And who would have thought my cute little friend Dengli would be my PA cum photographer on that day? She had to buy a clear file, wrapping paper (an idea which never manifested) and etc etc for me (cos I am always such a last min person), and take nice photos for the band (even damaging her shoes in the process), basically, she’s so good I want her for my PA now!

I was pleasantly surprised to see Swedish people among the audience (first row), and I heard from friends later on there were Indians and Myanmar among others. And it’s lovely to see my vocal teacher Thomas Manhart come to support woohoooo! If you want to learn good singing, this is the MAN.

Of course, it always warms my heart to see familiar faces – friends from NUS Chinese Society Geyao, from my days of singing in pubs, and all over the places that I’d been to – come down to NUS specially for the concert. And people whom I didn’t know come up to me to buy the albums and get autographs – thank you!

There are some asking about the next concert, hmm…if there is, it’s gonna be a ticketed one. I also hope to perform to you guys again! Will keep everyone informed :)


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