Best Indie Award – Singapore E-Award

I am more touched than anything, that the organiser bothers to set up an award for the indie (independent) scene. The truth is, they do not have to, because the general public will not kick up a fuss with or without this award since the attention is usually set on popstars with strong backings from major labels. Setting up an award for the local indie artistes hence, shows unprecedented ‘official’ appreciation for the local musicians who have been using their own resources to generate music to the general public.

I was more shocked than anything to learn that I have won this award. I am humbled because the other nominees and I, we have been through the same tedious paths of creating our own music, sourcing musicians/arrangers/producers, funding our records with hard-earned savings, finding our ways and delivering our own cds to cd stores, and basically doing our own marketing shamelessly (website/myspace/concert or performance venue spaces etc).

E-Awards_Wan Bao 01 Mar 09

Honestly, when I first decided to do the EP album, going on hit charts or getting awards of any sort was not in my wildest dreams, I swear. My only hope…was that I wouldn’t be left with too many unsold CD pieces at the end of all attempts to put my music out there…

Can’t wait to attend the event this Sat! It’ll be at the Marina Bay Floating Platform Grandstand…looking forward to that! More details here.

I am so grateful…I don’t know what to do with all these blessings!

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