Best Baby / Pregnancy Apps (Pre & Post Natal)


Once I discovered that I was pregnant, it didn’t take long before I start researching on apps. I have to say that not all apps are useful, or cater to my needs. But these are the ones that I’d recommend (you don’t have to install all if you find them duplicating each other). But goodness, I was obsessed with apps at one point because I was so curious about how my baby was doing, or would soon be doing! 😀

Baby / Pregnancy Apps (Pre / Post Natal)

  1. Baby Med

This is an app that I really like, because it is the least similar to the rest of the apps. My favourite is the Countdown Page because it shows the exact number of days you are from your due date (and 2nd trimester/3rd trimester):

It also has a summary page (called ‘Pregnancy Events’). So at one glance you know what tests/events are coming up:


If you are not pregnant yet, it has a ‘Fertility Calendar’ that you can use to track your fertile days/ovulation days etc.

Here’s the menu at a glance:


Pre & Post Natal

2. What To Expect

What To Expect has a video feature that is one of my favourite. Every time I go to another week of pregnancy, I watch a video to find out how my baby has developed, it’s almost like unlocking another stage in a RPG game. Here is one example for week 21:


It is definitely a very comprehensive app that is linked to the popular ‘What To Expect When You Are Expecting‘ book by Heidi Murkoff. With more than 17 million copies in print, this is a very very rich woman!

3. Ovia

Ovia is most suitable for people who like to do a lot of reading because it is so text-rich! What I love about it too is the app telling me immediately how many weeks my baby is once I open the app:

ovia-frontHere’s a quick glance of the menu:


There is also a ‘Pregnancy by Week’ segment where you can read about the development of your baby in great detail.


And a ‘Milestone’ segment where you can take many notes under the different categories. I have to admit I didn’t touch this segment at all, I was simply too tired to do any organisation. But I can imagine people who love organisation loving this: ovia-milestone

And a segment called ‘Trends’ where you can do all sorts of recording:

ovia-trends4. Baby Center

Every time I search for questions pertaining to pregnancy online, one of the top links (if not the first) to come up belongs to Baby Center. The website and app have such rich content, mainly also due to the community of members contributing to it.


I have to say, there is NOTHING you cannot find to your burning questions.

5. The Bump

I think that The Bump has the best user-interface in terms of design. To me, it’s not overwhelming with data like Ovia, and has nicer design than Baby Center. It’s a little lacking in content, but it makes up for it for nice pictures/visuals, and great stories to share. And of course, again I love that I know how old my baby is once I open up the app:


There is also a ‘Real Answers’ segment where common questions are answered not just by experts, but also by other mums sharing their personal experiences:


Except for ‘Baby Med’ which is quite useless after delivery, the rest of the apps above continue to provide very insightful information beyond delivery. One new app I have to add on to my collection is MammaBaby.

Post Natal

6. MammaBaby

I’ve tried some apps for recording of breastfeeding and diaper-changing times, but this seems to be the best so far. It allows tracking of sleeping times too (i didn’t bother to) and also lets you record the weight and height of your baby every time you visit the paediatrician. The ‘Summary’ is a great feature because it shows a graph with the data you input over time!

MammaBaby-Front  MammaBaby-2  MammaBaby-3

There you go! Let me know if you have any other apps to recommend 🙂

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