Belated Birthday Gifts (LOL)

22 Mar, exactly a month after my birthday is when I receive a couple of presents. But the wait was worth it…My crazy friends actually bought me (in partial… hence forcing me to pay the rest of it haha) a limited edition Taylor Swift baby guitar! Only 10 pieces in Spore so far…woooooooo…….I’m so happy! So we had this little jamming session at the resto after I’ve opened up the huge box…

22 Mar 10_Watami random play22 Mar 10_It's a nice guitar!

And Tienyao and Ein tested the guitar, and Joey even sang! 😀 We really terrorised the resto, even though we were already tucked at one corner far away from the rest of the patrons. Here’s a closeup of the guitar (you have to use a mirror to see the reflection for the words haha):

22 Mar 10_ See the details!?

I’m not a HUGE Taylor Swift fan…but I love watching her perform, and the love and simplicity she has for music. I love the fact that this guitar has the words ‘Love’, and ‘Fearless’ written on it. What great reminders, especially before a performance 🙂

And my dear French friend Dimitri sent me this CD, giving me such a fantastic surprise! I certainly didn’t ‘wait’ for this, so for the fact that I didn’t wait for it, the surprise is, SWEET. 🙂

The album is by Bénabar, titled ‘Infréquentable’. You may preview the music here.

22 Mar 10_Birthday Gift from France!

This is my favourite song (so far)[youtube][/youtube]:

Thank you to all of you for being my crazy friends. I am so in love. 🙂

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