Behind the sounds of ‘Feel About You’

Hellooooo guys!

I’ve decided to share, over the next 2 weeks, some photos/videos/inspirations/thoughts behind the album ‘Feel About You’ here. It’s by far my most intimate and involved album to date, I can’t wait to let you in on what went on before this project was born!

For the songs which I produced, a lot of the music was recorded in one full day at Lion Studios – it was insane because it was a mad race against time, and it meant no turning back of any sorts. *Gulp*

Photos first!

Clarence on acoustic guitar
Clarence Yeo on acoustic guitar (for the song ‘Feel about you’)

Daniel on Trumpet (for Song to Barbie)
Daniel Wong on trumpet (yup what you heard on ‘Song To Barbie’)

Fabian on sax
Fabian Lim on saxophone (for the song ‘Call It A Day’)

See how big the studio is!
Imagine the space….

The string quartet... Jon Hubert setting up mics
String quartet with John Herbert setting up microphones…

String quarter with arranger & conductor Bang Wenfu
String quartet with arranger & conductor Bang Wen Fu

Brandon on double bass
Brandon Wong on double bass

James and I
My right-hand man for the album – James Yeo.

But actually this was what happened most of the time… James being perplexed by what I wanted for my music:

James was bullied by me all the time!

And now, a video to share…..I’d really like to share this because, hearing or recording strings is a luxurious pleasure in life for me. And since good things are meant to be shared:

Hope you’ll enjoy the strings in this album as much as I do! 🙂

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