[Video] – Bathing Baby Dave (ft Gaia’s Hair & Body Wash)

I have yet to bathe Dave myself. It’s all done by the husband, and I suppose it started off because I was experiencing weakness of my back muscles after delivery… and he just continued doing it, because it’s such a great bonding time for him and Dave!

Baby Dave’s Bath with Daddy (ft Gaia Hair & Body Wash) from The Storyteller Wave on Vimeo.

He loves to stare out into the light, loves the warm water.. and the head massage! He wasn’t as comfortable with water at the beginning, but I suspect it has more to do with the husband’s nerves when handling the baby. But now that he is more confident, baby Dave is also more relaxed… he really likes the water during baths these days, and the kiasu mum in me is already thinking that he may like swimming too… :p

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