Baby Dave 6 months Recap

Dave wrapped up

I remember telling friends the first 2 months of babyhood is really boring for parents. Babies just drink, poo, pee, and sleep. Oh and yes they cry, sometimes for no good reason. However from the 3rd month onwards, they turn interesting… they start to smile back (genuinely) when you smile at them! Finally, they are responsive!

Baby Dave 4,6,8,10 months

The first 2 months were a blur because i was just waking up every 3 hours in the middle of the night for feeding. From the 3rd month onwards, somehow my body got used to the lack of sleep and can function better; but my memory didn’t quite keep up until Dave was around 5 months. 🙁

Baby Dave 12,14,16,18 months

I find 6 months a very interesting stage… this is when Dave has learnt how to stretch his arms and hold his own body up…and then we realised it only took a few more days before he learnt how to have his legs fold up to accompany his arms too… and there we go, the beginning of a crawl! He hasn’t learnt how to crawl at this stage, just movements here and there enough for us to find him facing a different direction soon after we left him.

Look how fast he has grown!

Baby Dave 20,22,24,26 months

(I use GAIA wet wipes as a gauge for Baby Dave’s growth… check out other awesome products from GAIA. Did you know that GAIA is Australia’s leading brand of organic baby products?)

One good memory I’d love to keep for a very long time – I was feeding him one day and he stretched his hand up in the air as he usually does, but this time round he looked at me with his wide eyes. So I decided to gently nibble his little fingers… and he chuckled! That to me seemed like the first ‘play’. Interestingly, a day after I did that, he didn’t chuckle anymore… has it become a norm for him so soon?

The other ‘play’ which i love to do these days – he grasps my finger and looks at me, and when he twists my finger with the motion of someone trying to rev a motorcycle by the handle, i make the sound ‘broom broom’ and he will give me a wide smile. I know that I should not play with him while he drinks, but i couldn’t help it; it’s just so fun eliciting a smile from him whenever I can…

Then one day while my mum and I were talking, she suddenly turned and see him sat up like this!

Baby Dave 12,14,16,18 months

How did he manage to do that?? To see the potential of a baby unfolding is … awe-inspiring. It’s almost as if there is a programme encoded in us, and the actions unleash once the time lock is up….

(Pardon our amazement in the videos -_-)

Hello Dave, just know that you have now discovered muscles on your abdomen, neck and fists, and are now banging your fists on my face uncontrollably, knocking your head against my spectacles, and that your poop is starting to smell real funky as we progress to solid food. But I shall leave that to my next post.

Mummy & Dave 5 May 17

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