August Breeze

French @ No.5, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Well it wasn’t really a breeze, like for most in the wedding industry. I had an exciting August I think:

1. Singfest on 3 Aug – stood there for 10.5hrs – record-breaking. I must have been crazy to do things of this sort. Even my NCC days weren’t so tough. But I got to see Jason Mraz LIVE in action, and it was totally worth it. The bonus were Rick Astley, Alicia Keys and Pussycat dolls. And omg, there were actually bras and panties thrown on stage to Rick Astley. He really has a cool voice. One Republic was a smash live.

2. Waltz – I finally danced waltz! Yes, it’s the bom-cha-cha kinda timing, but to me, it’s one of the most graceful and romantic dance ever. If you think it’s too old-fashion, well, final fantasy 8 used it:

I think it’s also because my grandfather used to watch a lot of dance competitions on TV, and I was always around, watching with him. I remember the dance which never failed to catch my breath was – waltz. Something like that:

Somehow, the girls don’t wear the fluffy dresses anymore :p

3. I sang for my first French wedding, with the groom being a francais and the bride a local girl. I’ve sung for spouses who are Italian, Scottish, Americans, Indians, Indonesians, Japanese and Burmese, and given the fact that I speak French (whatever that I have), I finally meet a French spouse! One of the best weddings I’d ever been to: read more here.

4. My French friends were in town! All the way from Paris and Normandy were Monica, Adam and Vincent. The French like to take their vacation in Jul – Aug mainly cause of the good weather (I think). It was so timely because they attended my Jazz In July performance (all French songs) at the Esplanade, I mean, it’s different when there were real French-speaking people among the audience! At least they understood what I was singing :)

Pic above: L-R: Adam, me, Vincent, Monica, Tina (from No.5) –> I was the alien drinking fruit punch toute la nuit.

5. My concert at the Theatre Hall, NUS University Cultural Centre. On hindsight, I think I totally behaved like a horse dashing straight the finishing line. To me it was more like a celebration with so many friends helping out, and even more people turning up to give their support. Latest update is: I just wrote a samba song! :D

6. Caught a movie I love very much – Mad About English. What touched me was the innocent and childlike spirit of these people. If you had not watched it, please go soon before it’s off the big screen!

7. Did a performance for Fresh Music’s Birthday Party @ Casual Poet. I could not stress enough that Causal Poet is a COOL place to chill out at if you want a cosy and mind-calming place. I actually wished I could buy all the merchandise when I was there. Lucky for me I was really in the red for August and could restrain myself. The people there are very supportive of indie music, and they’re selling my cds there now!

8. On Teacher’s Day, I visited my form teacher from my RVHS daysMr Ang Mia Lee. I’m really delighted to see him have a positive attitude (since the start of time) and most importantly, healthy. After a kidney transplant last year, he finally can stop going for dialysis. What a wait it had been – 10 years!

9. One of my best friends gave birth to a baby girl Louise! She’s a carbon copy of her dad. But I think babies ‘morph’ really fast, so we’ll see. I realise my friends are mostly married or parents already. I suppose… I’m not normal. Ha.

10. I am officially sick – now having a blocked nose after a whole Sunday of trying to keep my running nose on my face from the endless trawl of tissues. What a way to start the crazy month of September. *Wails*

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