Au Revoir 2008

Sometimes I do wonder why I am so blessed with all that happened in 2008. It’s so far the best year of my life! I’ve always thought that I am a late bloomer, or it could be I never really allowed myself to be the living dead. Life is complicated, but I realised it can be as simple as you imagine it to be.

I launched my EP album, and I’m proud to say I did all the planning and management myself. It’s a herculean task, but I realised the limitless potential of a person – you are limited only by your own mind. I guess the Law Of Attraction works well for me so far (it wasn’t conscious for me most of the time, I just try to remove fear from my mind and stay positive). I am still amazed by all the opportunities that came my way, and I’m grateful to each and everyone who has helped  to take my music to another level. I’m really touched by people who went out of their way to help me out – favours are hard to repay, and I will definitely keep them in mind…

The shift of my work priorities is what makes me a really happy person this year – being able to say no to wedding bookings on certain dates, getting my cute and capable PA to help me out with admin (it’s a she, for the millionth-time – I will never get a male PA cos that would be so weird!), expanding our band members two-fold to know more talented musicians in Singapore, it’s simply awesome.

And, who would have thought I would be signed to the label of my dreams, and prepare another album at the end of the year? My story is just too surreal to be true, and it’s all thanks to Dean. And to sing with Aiza!? Who would have thought?

Looking back on the year, I’m glad my French has finally improved such that I can better understand movies/real people talking, and express myself slightly more spontaneously. I love my current class, and it’s hard to imagine what happens after the course ends in 2 mths. Hopefully the german house parties remain heh

I can finally dance waltz! Not fantastic but good enough to dance round and round the whole ballroom. Now I just need a more permanent partner ha.

I’m going into the recording booth next Mon, and I’m scared. But I’ll do my best, for sure. 2009 is gonna be exciting, with or without recession. Happy New Year! 🙂

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