All about being 49. Happy Birthday Singapore.

#1) “Playlist Comes Alive”  – National Day Celebration at Tampines Central Park (01 Aug 14)

Mr. Heng Swee Keat

I was RAMBLING when he came up to say I sang very well. I really rambled. This was what I said:

Me: “Thank you Minister Heng! I’m so happy to meet you! I’m a fan!!! (??)! Thank you for all your new policies. Because of you I have confidence for my children to study in Spore!’
Heng: “Oh! How many children do you have?”
Me: “…Not yet…”
Heng: “oh ok..”
Me: “No but maybe you don’t understand but it really means a lot to us (??! who?) that you really do what you mean with the new policies and not pay lip service. So thank you!
Heng (visibly happy, shook both his fists slightly): “Thank you!”

I was simply too excited to have met and spoken to my idol. And of course, I was very flattered to lead everyone to sing《家》(Home) , which in my humble opinion is by far the best contemporary national song for Singapore!

#2) National Day Sighting

My family and I were at this air-conditioned zichar place.. We soon noticed that there were 3 tables of foreign workers beside us and we didn’t think much of it at first. 2 tables of Chinese, 1 table of Indians. I had no idea they know one another until towards the end of their dinner, one Chinese took his mug of beer and went over to the table of Indians to give a toast… Soon more toasts and mingling amongst the tables of people followed. I’m not sure if it’s weird but somehow this scene reminded me of our forefathers…. camaraderie occurs regardless of race, language or religion. Then it dawned on me that it’s National Day and they have such a nice boss who give his employees a well-deserved 9-course dinner treat. Thank you to all foreign workers for being a crucial part of our nation-building.

Happy National Day Singapore.

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