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I only got to see and touch my own album when I met Dengli for dinner on Sat. Who would have thought that I’d have another album this year? I was prepared not to have another one after the EP album cos of financial reasons…While I know of people out there who bought the album, truth is, a substantial amount of people pirate it. So what’s the point of continuing to do DIY albums if I have to live off air?

So, to have the opportunity to continue my passion, I am most grateful. The best way to show support is to buy the authentic album! That is the best and most direct way to let my record label (and me) know that this album is a good idea. 🙂

Bevlyn - You Are My Angel 04042009

And I’m honoured to have Caramel be my Official Wardrobe Stylist! They have gorgeous tea-dresses, elaborate evening dresses, and from Mel the funky stylist’s mouth, the spring-summer dresses are already here!  Check out the masterpieces at I love the dresses to bits! Btw, the dresses I wore for the album’s photoshoot are also courtesy of Caramel. 🙂

My band and I did the opening gig for the fashion show week on 19 Mar 09. And this dress is designed by Mel!

19 Mar 09_Fashion Show @ Marina Sq 19 Mar 09_Fashion Show @ Marina Sq

Band: Fabian, Lin Hui, Shawn, Bevlyn, James (Brandon not in pic)

And thanks to those who have been asking…No promo activities for the moment..I’ll update if there’s any upcoming events here soon!

Music available for preview on my blog, MySpace, and Reverbnation.

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