Album Launch Concert, 18 May 2013 @Hood Bar & Cafe

It was a mad rush putting this concert together…. because I’m doing everything myself (pretty much 95%). How crazy is that? I was left with less than 2 weeks before I announce this album launch concert, and I was twiddling my fingers, wondering how many people would turn up (and having the horror of disappointing my musicians, the venue, my fans who do turn up..and a thousand other worries on my mind). BUT YOU WERE THERE PEOPLE, YOU WERE THERE!!!!!!


Thank you to all of you who turned up at my album launch concert just now! I love you guys!! #bevlyn #bevlynkhoo @hood #hahasong @fatt @jamesyeo @ritxu @limhui @clementyang

Album Launch Concert @ Hood Bar @ Cafe, 18 May 13

I was told that the queue extended to the other end of the mall. I was astonished! I thought, ‘Is this even happening?’


Standee ROCKS!


It was a cosy and intimate session for me, with James accompanying me on piano, and Fatt on foot drums & guitar… and Linhui on violin, Rit on flute and Danny on harmonica. I am SO LUCKY to have these awesome talents for support:

L-R: Fatt, Rit, Me, Linhui, James, Danny

Fatt goofing around with Linhui while onstage:
Goofing with Lim Hui

Check out Fatt’s cool socks & foot drums (this guy is disproportionately too talented):
Cool socks!!! #fatt #footdrum #bevlyn #hood #socks

I’m also honoured to have LollyTalk (100% Singaporean brand!) sponsor candies for the concert goers (they also sponsored those lovely candies in my music video “The Haha Song”!). I’m so thankful 🙂

Sponsorship by LollyTalk!

And this, has got to be my favourite gift from a fan. She opens a patisserie shop (The Little Patisserie), and in a haste to get the pastry out in time, got the title of the album wrongly. She was visibly embarressed, but I thought that it was really hilarious!! We need more funny moments like this in life 🙂

Lovely pastries by fans!

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