Aiza In Singapore

Aiza In Singapore , originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Yeah, happy that I’ve got a photo with the Aiza’s band. That makes very good souvenir huh :D

It was an honour to be invited to do a duet with Aiza Seguerra. We sang ‘When you say nothing at all’, she in English and I in Spanish. The musicians Jon (violinist) and Mike (guitarist) were fantastic and very nice to me too. :)

I think I already learnt some stuff from her during the soundcheck. Now I know why some people are labelled ‘diva’ negatively. It’s really ironic, because i think knowing what you want to deliver a good show is a responsibility to people who support you, and people who miss this point may misunderstand certaine artistes badly.

Do not quote me wrongly, I’m not saying she is ‘diva’. In fact I love her to bits for her steadfastness to deliver good music, and her sense of humour. It was indeed a very good concert. Hope to sing with her and the band very soon!

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