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Air Supply Concert…, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

…was amazing. I had totally zero expectation before I went for the concert. I mean, when I tell people “I’m going to Air Supply’s concert”, reactions included “Eeee”, “Ah!?”, or sometimes they can’t even utter a sound, just a deep frown. My french teacher’s response was “Ah? But it’s my era, not yours…you’re young. U were influenced by who?”

I mean….well, I remember loving a few of their hits, and my reasoning was, there’s a reason why they’re still touring the world 30 years from when they first started, so if they come to Singapore, it doesn’t take much for me to go.

And boy, it had to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. No fancy clothes or peacock feathers like some fashion parade, no energetic dance moves to make you wonder how much time they spent to train (and take them away from their music). Very acoustic, true to the heart, and true to the audience. The connection was overwhelming.

3 songs into the concert, I realised I had forgotten just how much I had like them in the past, and felt so thankful I caught them this time round. They sang standard hits like Even the nights are better, Here I am, Two less lonely people in the world, The one that you love ETC ETC. I was sorely disappointed that they did not do “I can wait forever“, which was the one and only song I was wishing they would do:


Graham Russell is such a genius. His songwriting skills is, unbelievable, incredible and totally more than respectable and, admirable. As an audience listening to those songs written by him, it’s not hard to figure how passionate a person he is! It doesn’t hurt too that he’s superbly humorous. :)

A song which I heard for the 1st time drove me to my tears, simply because of its lovely melody and straight to the cut lyrics:


I am looking forward to his new song “Me and the river”, which he wrote when he was in San Diego – he was standing at the balcony with his guitar, saw a river down there, went down, sit beside the river and wrote the song.

Btw, there were many young people at the concert. The true test of good music :)

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