Air France-KLM + Sitong’s Birthday Bash + Book Fest 2013

I am blessed to have 3 awesome performances to close December 2013 off. The first got me really excited, because as a francophone, it is an honour to perform for Air France-KLM!

It was a cosy and intimate closed-door event set at elegant Flutes at National Museum.  Hope I get the chance to do it again next year..

The second performance came about because of a brave girl – Sitong, an indie singer-songwriter who invited me to guest-perform at her Birthday Bash cum Fans Gathering Party. I described her as brave, because many musicians have dreams, but she took concrete actions to fulfil hers. That alone is courage and beauty 🙂

And i was elated when a fan decided to give this Polariod to me! Who doesn’t like Polaroid!?

Right after the birthday bash, I flew to Book Fest 2013 organised by Popular. Before my slot was a speaker talking about PSLE preparations and examinations. The ambience was tense (haha)…until Ken Low came onto stage and invited me up to get a fun interview session going:

Autograph session is always fun 🙂

What got me really excited and shocked was when a supporter turn up with this album for my autograph – 新謠節2003紀念專輯 (Xinyao Festival Souvenir Album 2003). Yes this album was released in 2003, it’s a compilation of originals by contestants who took part in this nation-wide songwriting competition. Finalists get to record their songs. It’s amazing how many of the participants are now professionals (Lee Ein Ein, Alicia Pan, Tay Kewei, Juliet Pang). It’s a special album to keep for sure.

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