Ah hem haw ah

I was surprised when I received this call a few days ago:


1. Auntie-like employee from corporate company whom ALD sang for in April.

2. Me

Auntie: “Ah….you know the cheque ah…Ah I wanna ask you har, if you want to join our GIRO system…..”

*My 1st thought: Har?! U mean the cheque is not even mailed out yet!??! I’ve been waiting for 2 months! I paid my musicians first, and if they had bought food with the payment, would have been removed from their bowels long time ago and perhaps already an extract FROM Newater.*

Auntie continued: “…Ah because you know ah, sometimes the cheques we sent out got lost, and we have to go back and check, so quite troublesome…”

*Irritation level – upped.*

Me: “So how long will the process be if I apply for GIRO? How long will I get the payment in?”

Auntie: “Oh, you have to go to the bank to apply, fill in the form, and let the bank do the check for you…cos we can’t do the check on our side…”

*Irritation level upped more –> 1st time experiencing the infamous Tai-chi stroke commonly known among 9-5 office comrades*

Auntie reiterated:”…Yah so it’s better for you to join our GIRO system…otherwise ah, if we lost the cheque ah…. blah blah blah

Me: “Sorry, but I really don’t have time to go to the bank, and also we’re an entertainment company, so that time we only performed a one-off, so we don’t perform regularly for your company…Can you just send the cheque to us.”

Auntie: “Yah yah I know…ok, then I send cheque to you, but if the cheque got lost ah, then you have to wait even longer ah……”

Broke out in cold sweat: What if she purposely writes the address wrongly just to irritate the hell out of me?

Me: “Ok, pls send the cheque”

*Verified address twice*

What the hell was she thinking? Sorry but you got the wrong person to #^%)*&)_!!!!

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