AGM + MV + Birthday + E-awards 2010

Hello guys, so I’ve been slacking with my blog updates. Sometimes I just imagine I have already shared what I’d like to share, but of course, it was only imagination. This time round, it’s not laziness at work…many things happened and time just flew by….

My baby wedding-singing group A Little Dream had our AGM again on 30 Jan, nothing formal because AGM stands for Annual Gossiping Meeting afterall. I wish we had more moving space (cos the area was quite small), but it was still heart-warming to see so many of the musicians make time for this meetup.

ALD lunch 30 Jan 2010

Then….it’s the Chinese New Year celebration! It’s my favourite holidays of all year, mainly because I get to meet and catch up with some of my relatives….Well, Beanie is not a relative, but he is nonetheless quite family!

15 Feb_bev w beanie

And yes..everybody’s been asking about my MV…well, some things happened and we decided to reshoot it. We might make it just in time for the 1st year anniversary of the album ha. But I want it good, it’s ok. At least we had a lot of fun heee:

MV reshoot 21 - 22 Feb

A lot of things have been delayed….if you believe in astrology, it’s because Mars turned retrograde during this period. Yes….I do believe in all these, haha! (It just turned direct recently, so yeah!)

We had this MV re-shoot on the eve of my birthday celebration. We didn’t quite sleep, hence by the time it was the birthday dinner, I was ZOMBIFIED. Nobody really seemed to notice, maybe because Cafe Iguana was sooooo dark. I’m so blessed to have this group of friends!

Birthday celeb @ Cafe Iguana

And then….the E-awards pre-show event “姜是本地辣” on 27 Feb 2010 @ Bugis Junction. Definitely an honour to be invited back to perform for the organisation after they awarded my EP album with “2009 Best Local Indie Album” last year. This category is so encouraging for the local music scene – not only do they root for fellow musicians who have already made it overseas, they are also showing support for many more of us who are really just trying to reach out to a wider audience. This time round, I played the piano and sing, and had Jixiang to back me on his guitar. I love it! The first thing to strike me when I arrive at the scene was, “Who are all these people with professional BIG and LONG camera lens?” I really don’t think all of them are from the media…how interesting. I’d really like to know!

The crowd...and the lensmen...


Jixiang on guitar and I on vocals and piano

No.. idea... what.. I.. was.. doing....
Someone from Facebook took this photo of me….and I LOVE it. Mainly because I have NO…IDEA…just…what…I…was…doing….ha ha ha ha ha….!

And of course, I went overseas to record the French album of my dreams. But that’ll be another entry when I’ve more time. Going to watch Pink Martini’s concert now. Tata! 🙂

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