Afternoon @ Sentosa

Sentosa 12, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Before Matthew aka the talented pianist/bassist/guitarist/drummer/saxophonist/flutist went back to Australia for his studies again, Hsin Yeow and us decided to head to Sentosa one weekday afternoon just to chill out.

Turned out to be ’sun-out’ because I got a bad tan from it.

It’s great to play guitar (or learn from master Mathew), see the coconut trees, great big clouds, enjoy the sea breeze, and pretend we have no worries in the world.

They played frisby, I took photos because I am was so lazy…

And I tried the LUGE and the SKYRIDE for the first time..for 3 times consecutively. And one of the men seated beside me (ahem) was fearful of heights (I can’t say who or I’ll suffer during gigs…)…that was LOL.

I miss that day.

I’m so excited about next week!

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