[ADV] My Wedding Vendors

I can’t believe how late this entry is – close to 6 months after the wedding (lol). It would be absurd if this crosses over to 2014, so here we go! I’d love to share the excellent partners who assisted to make my wedding celebration my dream one!

Wedding Gown & Suit – Caramel & Co.

I knew for sure that I want to buy instead of renting my gown, so I got Mel (who has been supporting me ardently throughout the years) to design something vintage and classy…with my favourite French lace. After finding out what I want in my airy head, she nailed what I want in just one sketch! Everything is customisable, and we even went on a shopping trip together for the French lace at Arab Street (it was amusing to see her sashay down Arab street waving at the shop-owners like a celebrity, haha)! The husband decided to have Mel design his suit and waistcoat too. We are really not so fashion-conscious, so we had no choice but to throw her a lot of questions (well, after making up our minds on colours). But Mel was  so patient to give her opinions/suggestions, which sped up our decision-making process a lot.  Here’s a picture of Mel & I (yes she’s so young, and hot!):

For those of you looking at purchasing your own gown & suit, Caramel & Co. is a quaint one you must consider! Esp since… I also got my cheongsam from her!

I was in the fitting room trying on the bridal gown for the very first time and I caught sight of this eye-popping cheongsam. I knew for sure that I didn’t want to have a 2nd gown (because I didn’t want to have a 2nd-march-in at all)…. but seeing this hot yellow & pink cheongsam reminded me of the tea ceremony – surely I wouldn’t want to wear the heavy gown for the traditional tea ceremony? If I feel like it, I could also do a change into this happy-looking cheongsam halfway into the banquet (I didn’t manage to do that in the end, but that’s another story). I can’t say enough how much I love this cheongsam with the colours and materials. Totally worth every single cent.

Makeup – The Make Up Room

The pricing of The Make Up Room is not for the faint-hearted, but I swear by their works.  One of its partners Jyye Huey (see picture above) has been doing my makeup for professional performances and photoshoots over the past few years, but her makeup and hairdo at my wedding showed her best works for me so far ( don’t think I’m biased!). First, I really love how she did my hair up without the need for extension or those nonsense (i have very thin and little hair), and the shape of the hair + her awesome make up skills magically made my face longer & slimmer (ALL brides want that)! She has a lot of pride for her creations, and won’t hesitate to go out of her way to make it a perfect one (I was so touched when she went to collect tulip petals from my florist just because she really wanted to achieve a certain look on my hair). If you are interested to upgrade your makeup skills, you’d be happy to know that they conduct makeup workshops too (which I joined and my knowledge and skills on makeup was never the same thereafter).

Wedding Shoes – Sinderella

Looking for wedding shoes turned out to be quite time-consuming, because there aren’t many shops which sell wedding shoes (my friends suggested big brands like Christian Louboutin but….seriously, i would rather upgrade my recording equipment or buy a new digital piano if i were to spend a big one). Sinderella became an obvious choice when I saw that their selection of shoes have LACE. When i laid my eyes on a picture of Elle, I knew for sure that they are THE ONES. I just couldn’t take my mind off them despite shopping around. The shoes are super comfy, and with the platform, it means that brides can appear tall without having to sacrifice the comfort of their feet. The soles are cushy 🙂

Wedding Favours – LollyTalk

The husband and I were hesitant when it came to wedding favours. We feel that favours should be customised, but we didn’t think it wise to dig out another big budget as we close in on the big day. We were also in conflict on the favours that would actually be useful to our guests. Finally it dawned on us that food is still the best way to go. LollyTalk offers customised candies (each candy had ‘Bev & Dan’ printed), and we got to choose the flavour (I chose the nostalgic Sarsi, hehe). In the end, it turned out that kids and adults love them, because unlike other brands, LollyTalk’s candies don’t make your mouth yearn for water after eating them. (I can attest to that because I don’t have a sweet tooth at all).

Special Photo Service – Dreamz IonLive

This was a last-min arrangement, but one which I really love! This is the concept: Almost all your guests have a camera phone, and more than 90% of of them would have taken at least 1 photo at your wedding (whether of you or not, but that’s not the point). The point is, through an app they’ll get to upload their photos , which will be flashed onto the big screen (along with their dedications and greetings). I thought that it’s an awesome way to keep your guests entertained. My favourite is this:

Wedding Cake – HappyBakes

I’ve also always known that if I do get married, I will have a real wedding cake. But this cake was something way beyond my imagination:

Sandy, the silent hero behind this great tower of cupcake + wedding cake blew me off with her talent. I only told her the colour I want, the flavour the husband wanted (chocolate), and number of cupcakes we want (I think i had 50), sent her a few photos and… that’s all (we were buried in wedding preps at that point in time). So when I walked up the stage to cut the wedding cake, seeing the cake tower for the first time made my heart skip a beat because it was so beautiful!!! The cake was not overly sweet (one reason I’m not into cupcakes is they can be too sweet), and the chocolate was SO RICH that my guests were all raving non-stop about the quality. You’ll be happy to know that they cater for children’s birthdays, dessert tables, and other occasions too!

 Wedding Video – Academy Video Productions 

Academy Video Productions is a very understated company. I’m not comfortable putting up my wedding video for share, but trust that some of my friends think that they would have been a better choice for shooting of some my music videos (!!). Bottom-line is, I looked slim in the video (that’s what matters the most to all brides), and I was blown away, by the choice of angles and colours editing. Thumbs up!! (They also have this really interesting Harry Potter-style moving photo frame which you’d have to go down to the office to see, heh).

Wedding Photography – Plush Photography

For a very long time, I’ve been a fan of the works of Eadwine, the botak photographer behind Plush Photography. I told myself that if I were to ever get married, I would definitely get Eadwine because his photos always capture romance, ambience, and emotions effortlessly. Most importantly, I love love love the colours, concepts/lines. And he’s such a nice dude to begin with! I suppose I should let the photos do all the talking (all photos in this blog entry, except the two under Dreamz IonLive, are courtesy of Plush Photography)

And last but not least,

Music Entertainment – A Little Dream

How can I not have live band entertainment at my own wedding? My fellow musicians are kind enough to perform and magically transform the event into an even more romantic one with their live music. Woots!!!!

I wish you benefit from their talents too! 🙂

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