Adieu 2011 + A Happy New Year

I’ve been reflecting about this year, and I’ve learnt so much about myself and others… For 2011, I’m very happy that I:

– came up with the album ‘Feel About You‘, one with many intimate originals which I hope have touched you in some ways…I have to especially thank James Yeo for the musical and spiritual support – thank you for the friendship, let’s continue to grow and evolve! 🙂

– have the support from various DJs, music reviewers, journalists, videographers/photographers, + various online (omy, S.O.F.T., Power Of Pop etc) & physical platforms (Esplanade , Crazy World Café, etc). Special thanks go out to Caramel, Shunji Matsuo (my love goes out to Comb for his generosity and support); and alldressedup.

– have gotten to know many new friends – I may not have been hanging out with you, but you know the true reason is that I am really such a hermit + I really want to stick to my new year resolution of 2011 i.e. to sleep earlier. Geeez. Ok, I will try harder next year!

– have gotten closer to the people I’ve already known. Yes I know it takes time to get to my core, and I’m glad we’re peeling each others’ layers off slowly but surely!

– managed to catch up with more friends despite the gruelling schedule. The truth is, I don’t want to see you only when I have a concert, and trust me – for those I have not yet caught up with, you are in my mind and very-near-future schedule! Thank you for your patience with me, and above all, your friendship and support.

– have your support for my music even if I don’t know you personally (wherever you are). Thank you. You keep me going 🙂

– have the great support of A Little Dreamers; thank you for your professionalism, great work and efforts, and your talents. We have grown this year and though it’s hard with everyone being so mobile, I hope that we can become more close-knitted in the coming year. Afterall, we’re at most a facebook page away! 🙂

– helped a good friend Jerome Won with his EP album 《暖暖手》. The experience is so nostalgic! I love the adrenaline of making dreams come true; and the little surprises here and there after the album is out. All the best Jerome, you’re shining!

– am performing more and more in French. I will continue to pursue this interest, and I hope more Singaporean listeners will be curious about this genre of music! Speaking of which, I’m doing a concert with French singer Andayoma on 12th and 13th Jan 12 @ The Arts House. Details available here. How about starting the new year with something….FRESH? ^_^

– attended Lifeclasses by Oprah Winfrey and her gurus. It’s been a great year for me, but struggles are inevitable, and in times of that, I’m glad I tuned in in time for the classes, and the support I am (still) receiving from dear friends (you know who you are).

I’ve learnt that:

– sometimes people think they know, but they really don’t (or don’t get it). I just have to be stronger to let them know what I need.

– sometimes being nice and waiting around don’t work.

– while I understand that work is work, friendship is friendship, some people may not. I suppose everything in its own time..

– my family rocks

– bad things may happen but they draw you closer to your family and real friends. And we do need that from time to time because it clarifies the mind.

My new year resolutions:

– do more youtube videos for you!

– be more out there (by that I mean finally taking up my dream horse-riding lessons; continue my waltz lessons; or anything which is living a life beyond music-making).

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Let’s have a fruitful 2012 ahead and continue to stay connected! (“.)

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