About Bevlyn Khoo 邱意淋

Like a fragrant cup of herbal-infused tea, Bevlyn’s style of music and heartfelt vocals soothes the soul. Her songs are an expression of the wild, the sensitive, the angst, and the lonely. Not only do her lyrics explore her own experiences but also experiences a common man can relate to.

Hailing from Singapore, Bevlyn is a talented multi-lingual singer-songwriter. Her ability to sing in English, Mandarin, Japanese and French gains resonance with listeners of various ethnicity beyond the tiny island country.

A true original, Bevlyn is one of the pioneering indie artists in Singapore to start the trend of DIY albums in Singapore’s mandarin music scene. In 2008, Bevlyn released a 6-track EP album “Lonely Afternoon” which won the ‘Best Independent Album’ award at Singapore Entertainment Awards 2009. The album showcases her versatility by featuring five original songs and a gypsy-jazz arranged cover of French classic ‘La Vie En Rose’.

The album led Bevlyn to be signed to Japanese label S2S in November that year, and she subsequently released “You Are My Angel” (2009), “Bistro Affair” (2010), and “Feel About You” (2011).

Notably, “Bistro Affair” sees Bevlyn as possibly the only Singaporean singer to have released a full album of French jazz chansons , cementing her status as a versatile singer-song writer in the music scene. The popular album charted top 3 (HMV) in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

 “Feel About You” features more original songs amongst classics like “My eyes adored you” (Frankie Valli), “Ordinary World” (Duran Duran), “The One You Love” etc. It also features the popular closing theme song 《保温》from Mediacorp’s blockbuster television series, 《小娘惹》 (Little Nyonya).

In March 2012, Bevlyn was chosen to represent Singapore in the HK Pop-Asian Music Festival in Hong Kong.  She was also nominated for the prestigious Yahoo! Singapore 9 Award under the Entertainment category in 2012.

Since then, she continues to pursue her dreams as an independent singer-songwriter with a deep passion for music on the global stage. Flexing her creative and entrepreneur qualities, Bevlyn tied up with Pledgemusic to connect with supporters to raise funds for her second indie album of self-penned originals 《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known), released in May 2013. A method rarely used in this region of the world, a portion of the funds raised went to “Food from the heart”, a charity she’s passionate about. 《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) was nominatedd for ‘Best Local Lyrics‘ at the Singapore Hits Awards 2013.

She was invited to pen the theme song which she titled, Beautiful Purpose“, for Miss World Singapore 2013, and her album’s title track.

In 2014, she represented Singapore to perform with the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra at “ASEAN SONGS“, a concert featuring singers & instrumentalists from various ASEAN countries.

Her focus on music production bore fruit with Starhub’s first local serial drama 《跳班》(Jump Class) which saw her helming the music producing and song-writing roles for the theme songs and musical songs. 《跳班》(Jump Class) debuted on Starhub cable’s 都会台(E City) on 14 April 2015. One of the songs 《哈哈歌》(“The Haha Song”) entered nomination at the 20th Asian Television Awards under Best Theme song.


Did you know?

Bevlyn had the honour to perform for many countries’ ambassadors, with Hillary Clinton being one of them, at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) 2009.

Bevlyn had learnt French for 5 years when she released ‘Bistro Affair‘ in 2010.

Bevlyn’s soothing vocals were behind various hit television series from Mediacorp –  the theme song 《灰姑娘》 (Cinderella) from《钻石情缘》 (An Enchanted Life)  and the closing theme song, 《保温》 from《小娘惹》 (Little Nyonya).

Bevlyn took on multiple roles in the musical ‘Phua Chu Kang’ in 2005, one of which saw her playing a bar hostess singing “卡门”(Carmen)  and seducing Phua Chu Kang.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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