A Little Holiday In Between

Ooooo after working hard on the album…i took a little break in Spore..and Java!

Nothing beats getting closer to nature:

Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom



We also went to Yogyarkarta, Java, where we visited the Borobudur, an ancient temple built in the 9th century. It’s amazing how smart the people were back then, because the temple was completed with drainage system, and check out how they built the ‘wall’:

Each slate is sculptured by different people before they are placed together as the wall…

The top 4 levels represents ‘Heaven’…


Borobudur in it’s full glory:


I descended the temple ‘engaged’. This wondrous place will always hold a special memory in my heart 🙂

The fiancé and I also went to Mount Merapi – its last explosion was in Nov 2010 🙁 I love this graffiti which shows a girl pining for her lost home… 🙁


Now back to working on the album! 😀

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