A little bit of Pepper Crab + Nyonya

Chilli Crab Buddy!, originally uploaded by bevlynkhoo.

Jason is so going to kill me for bloggin his photo haha :p

Yes ta-dah! He’s my chilli-crab buddy as mentioned in my EP album’s credits. I got to know him through a couple who engaged me to sing for their Singapore leg of the wedding. Jason was the best man, and we hit it off cos he was and is still very supportive of my music (one of my ‘advisers’). And thank goodness, he introduced Rachael Yamagata to me, whom I got an overdose of to write ‘Play With Me’.

Everytime he stops by Spore, we’ll definitely head for crabs. Because truth is, most SIngaporeans are LAZY to eat crabs. What’s wrong with these people!? (ok it’s expensive but a few times a year won’t hurt right).

And I’ve eaten 2 times crab within this mth. Cheryl my beloved HK friend is coming to Singapore soon…which will make it 3 times! Yeah!

So many things have been happening to me I feel like……wind. Cos I’m here there everywhere running around..

Tonight a friend sms to congratulate me cos he heard the song I recorded for mediacorp’s channel 8 drama serial ‘Little Nonya’. It’s one of the closing songs I believe – <<保暖>> (Keep Warm). And of course, I had to be WORKING! *Wails*

Btw, St. Regis is unbelievable. There is even a cosy seat in the lift! Click on above for more pics.

And today, finally I recruited a PA! Enfin!

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