8th Month Wonder – To Shave or not to Shave

Well… we did shave his hair at 4 months… but the husband did it himself and we were so afraid of hurting him that we left quite a length from the scalp, so that really wasn’t “shaving”. After his hair grew out, we realised that his hair was really sparse (and uneven)…and under the incessant nagging of my mum, we decided to shave his hair for real after all. Because some Chinese believe that if you shave the baby’s hair, the hair will grow more in volume.

(I realised that it’s most probably a myth after talking to some friends, AFTER shaving his hair this time round. For instance, I have a friend whose eldest daughter had her hair shaven but her hair turned out to be sparse and thin; her second daughter did not get her hair shaven, and yet her hair is now thick and full of volume).

Oh well. We don’t really mind, it’s just hair, and hair grows. For me, if it makes my mum happy, it’s worth the effort. Plus perhaps the hair can grow out more evenly this time round (because the husband isn’t the one doing it muaha).

This time round we got an expert from Huat Sing Baby Souvenir to come to our house to do the shaving. I thought that it’s so awesome that we can stay home! Then I realised that he wanted the baby to be in a familiar environment so that there is as little disturbances to his mood as possible…(and it’s only $38 for him to do a home visit).

And boy, the master was SO FAST! Basically, Dave’s hair was gone in under 2 minutes.

Haircut half Haircut Gone

Here’s a short video. This is like half the duration of the whole experience. We didn’t video from the start because we sort of forgotten and by the time we remembered, half the hair was gone:

The master suggested that we use his hair to make a calligraphy brush. I was not interested, but the husband was (how typical of angmohs, i think). For me it seems like a ‘nice-to-have’ but not a necessity. But of course, for a mixed couple, somehow the angmoh is the one more interested in the Chinese culture (ok oops, i recall i am super into Downton Abbey. Ok so we are fair and square). And so we ordered for one set, complete with a nice Chinese saying “品学兼有,人中豪杰”. I think I would be quite stressed if I were the one to have such high expectations pegged to my name.


Anyway, Dave was born with jet black hair, and we realised that his hair became dark brown over time (his hair seemed light brown in the photo below only because of the strong lighting. Look how thin and sparse his hair was):
Family Photo

brown hair
(Somehow his expression here seems like he was feeling something from his behind)

The running joke with my parents now is… maybe when the hair grows out, it will become black again. HEHE.

Incidentally, we groomed Buddy at the same time, so both boys are neat and tidy:

Groomed boys

And then the husband cannot stopped himself from getting inspired (please give me a moment to roll my eyes). Here is his Rambo-combat series:

Combat Boy

And here is the monk series:
4 monks

(Let me slap my forehead again)

And here’s Dave the drummer boy (wannabe):

8th month is such a fun age…He laughs and responds and is playful. But he has started to become clingy, and once we turn our back to him, he howls (though sometimes we know it’s a fake howl just to get attention). Time seems to fly by now and I don’t have much time to myself in between trying to feed him (seemingly non-stop a day), soothe him when he gets bored of playing by himself, and then try to get him to sleep. I think I am a semi-SAHM, and I am quite happy with the balance. But as he grows and needs even more attention… .we shall see….

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