30-Hour Famine Camp (World Vision Singapore)

I just came back from the 30-Hour Famine Camp organised by World Vision Singapore. A few hundred children volunteered to participate in this 30-hour programme (14 – 18) where they fast for 30-hours to gain better insight of starving children in developing countries. Honestly, I am someone who cannot take hunger. Once hunger strikes, I become a moody, incoherent, dysfunctional b****. Witnessing these children holding it out to the full 30 hours at the farewell concert really made me feel immense respect and pride for them.

And here are the rest of the performers: Me, Jean Tan, Gareth Fernandez and band, and Nathan Hartono:

I was also looking forward to this concert because Jean and I had known each other 10 years ago, but we lost touch after some time. We were hopelessly catching up until the stage manager had to pull us apart for sound check. Check out her music here!

Did you know that you can adopt a child for only $45/mth? You can even communicate with the child via handwritten letters! I was in tears after listening to a staff – she was a sponsored child, and knowing that someone in another part of the world was watching out for her made her feel so special, and it definitely changed her life around, financially and spiritually.  Is $45/mth something within your means (I was told that some friends do share the cost among themselves)? This just might be the meaningful thing you’re next looking out to do.

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