2nd indie album

I’m doing it.

I know that I don’t have to do this. But I know in my deepest heart of heart that I want to. Just because it will bring me peace, joy, and love.

My 2nd indie album. Full-length.

In the making.

I started on 02 Apr 2012.

By recording the uke myself. With peace, joy, and love (I know, I mentioned this just now!)
Recording of uke for the 1st song of new indie album on 02 Apt

I’ve even got the title of the album nailed down already. 3 more songs to be written but they will come 🙂

It’s been a long wait – 3 years to be exact. For those who had supported me from my Lonely Afternoon EP days (click here for preview), I’m gonna say it here now: If you had liked that album, you will love this album EVEN MORE (see i’ve said it out, black and white here now, I can’t and won’t take it back).

Yes, it’s gonna be ALL originals. For those of you who don’t like me doing covers – thank you for supporting me all these while; 3 years is a long time and I hope I haven’t lost you totally. For those of you who like me to do covers – you can check out my youtube videos HAHA.

I will reveal more details on 02 May 2012, and I hope you stay tuned, cos, I need you to be involved in this project.

Going to record guitar for the 2nd song tomorrow morning @ 11am. Can’t wait for the sunrise 🙂





3 thoughts on “2nd indie album

  1. So exciting! I love your originals, I’m still singing Play With Me all these years… looking forward to it!

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