20th Asian Television Award – Nomination for Best Theme Song

It totally took me by surprise. (List of Nominees)

“The Haha Song” (哈哈歌) in serial drama 跳班_Jump Class entered nomination for Best Theme song at the 20th Asian Television Awards 2015. Never in my wildest dream. When I decided to take the project on, it was rather exciting for me in the stomach; the process was backbreaking (and scary at times), but I had so much support I’m unbelievably lucky. Special thanks to 路嘉欣 (Chia-Hsin LU) for her beautiful rendition of the song. Listen here.

20th Asian Television Award (1)20th Asian Television Award (2)

20th Asian Television Award (3) with Juni
Caught up with Juni from Micappella at the ceremony!

Under my production company The Storyteller Wave, I also produced 2 other songs in the same category (《我不是不爱你》(It’s Not That I Don’t Love You) & 《人生游戏》(The Game of Life) for docu-drama “Blissful Living”). So congratulations are in order to super awesome songwriter & singer EE YinYi!!!



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