2009 All Wrapped Up

It’s always amazing how a year can fly by like this year had. It’s not a perfect year, but since nothing is perfect in this world, I thought yes – I definitely had a great 2009! To wrap 2009 up, let’s have 9 points:

9. I’m so happy to have more time to myself this year, be it meeting up with friends and family, getting to know new and interesting friends, or just have plain solitude.

8. I recognise that there are indeed weirdos in this world. And sometimes, you don’t have to seek explanations for why they exist. Maybe they’re here to make you stronger and wiser. So, smile 🙂

7. I want to surround myself with people who are always positive, open, and believe in me…  I think, real friends  don’t feel insecure and feel jealous of your success; real friends want you to climb higher even if you guys are using the same ladder. I’ve also come to believe that friends are not necessarily forever, because friendships need to be cultivated over time, as with any relationships.

6. I am open to competition and comparison, because I believe it’s good for my own inspirations. My biggest competitor will always be myself.

5. I actually crave for running these days. I even picked up skating. Evolution’s at work!

4. I’m thankful for the opportunity to release my 1st full-length album under S2S, and I can sense more exciting adventures coming up. And I really want to thank the local media for being so supportive so far. I can’t say enough thanks.  🙂

3. One of my proudest 2009 moments has got to be performing @ APEC, to delegates  and ministers, Ms Hillary Clinton among one of them. Great materials for grandmother story!

DSCF1478 DSCF1507

2. My family @ A Little Dream just got bigger! Yeah!

1. Reading is so important to me nowadays, for knowledge, comfort, and pleasure. Here’s the latest book which inspired me, and I hope you’ll go get it!

How good you want to be

Have a smashing 2010 everyone!
Let’s step into the new year with a sense of humour – with my spoof 😀

Xmas Dinner

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