1st Music Video

One fine day, Monica (who took my photos for ‘You Are My Angel’ album) facebooked me and asked if I wanna do an MV. At first I thought she was joking…. Things rolled from there and wow, we’ve actually finished shooting my first music video 🙂

I had so much fun throughout the process, from auditioning for my male lead to the actual filming itself… honestly I’m not an actress, so to act in an MV was quite a scary thought (1. left or right profile 2. smile too big or too small 3. fats fats fats??! Then repeat from no.1 again). But the team – Monica (director), Sharon (director of photography), Ryan, Alex, Shawn, Seng Yew and Sam (the male lead) – made the whole filming so relaxed and fun. It’s a whole new experience for me, and I’m so glad I enjoyed it 🙂

Actually what I enjoyed the most, were the jokes + goofing around + laughing. And really, the dedication from the team, and the new friendships made!

Special thanks to Ngiap Heng for lending us the location, which is really really cool, and cannot be more suitable. 🙂

We couldn’t finish the shoot on day 1 (7am to 6pm), so we had to continue on a 2nd day. I love cool and relaxed ppl. I have to say Sharon and Monica really rock. It feels so good to be inspired and liberated.

Here are some photos  (my comments revealed upon clicking on photo):

MV - Behind the scenes MV - Behind the scenes MV - Behind the scenes

MV - Behind the scenes MV - Behind the scenes MV - Behind the scenes

Hope to share the video with all of you soon! 🙂

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