I miss my blog (+ updates)

So what’s up?

I’ve been so busy preparing for my new album and for performances that time just zoomed by … so fast! Can you believe that it’s now Aug? :/

Before I burn myself out, i decided to take a lil time out to blog, a cathartic activity I should try to do more often (except that it’s really now more convenient to do a Facebook shoutout or ‘Tweet Tweet‘).

So I’ve been busy producing my new album, which includes laying down a piano track for 1 of the songs, and recording vocals for all 10 songs. And editing tracks. And meeting up with album designer, printer. And meeting up with people to do my music videos (wooohooo!). And photoshoot with Tinydot Photography (Yu Hsin). And doing youtube videos for more people to join my tie-up with Pledgemusic (so that I CAN HAVE MONEY TO FUND THIS ALBUM!). If you haven’t check out the page, pls do, every dollar matters to indie artists like me 🙂

Actually it’s not just the funds. Seeing the names of people who pledge their support before they hear my album means the world to me. It’s called Morale.

And performances in between…

Xinyao 1980s – 2012 @ Hwa Chong Institution
《我們要一直這麼要好》 written by by 小寒 and I, and “Lonely Afternoon” and 《保溫》

With Baey Yam Keng, Tin Pei Ling and Lim Hai Yan
Special guest performance by Mr Baey Yam Keng, Ms Tin Pei Ling, and Ms Lim Hai Yan.

Alma Mata
At my alma mata. Actually this is the first time i step foot on it after graduation. So much have changed…but much more remains the same…like my CT bench right at the end near the canteen 🙂

Backstage with Aaron, Huisi and Jerome.

It was one of my dreams to do a performance on Xinyao songs (新謠). I sang 《等著黑夜輕輕輕輕落下》,《早安老師》,《邂逅》,《你的倒影》,《溫柔的夜》..and many more which saw the earliest of my singing days as a young child. Love love love!

6th Freshmusic Awards @ Crazy World Cafe

I was there for their 1st award ceremony…I can’t believe that it’s now the 6th year. Many things have happened over the past 5 years for them and for me…I suppose the only thing in common among all is, we’re still doing what we believe in… 🙂

6th Freshmusic Awards 05 Aug 12 @ Crazy World Cafe

For those who missed the concert, ahh well… I performed 2 songs from my upcoming album hihi! What a joy to share them and receive great instantaneous feedback from the audience. yay!

Singapore’s National Day is coming very soon, so before i log off, here’s a recording I did with one of my favourite Singaporean (award-winning) instrumentalists, Chester Tan, on the song ‘Home’. I really love his playing. Hope you’d enjoy it too. (check out Chester’s new album ‘Piano Spa 6’ here)

One thought on “I miss my blog (+ updates)

  1. Its great that you’ve reconnected with your old blog even as you embark on a new adventure. Sometimes a less highlighted nook on the web like this can bring delightful surprise to some who may come upon it.

    That cover of “Home” is really lovely. Jia You, and you should take time to enjoy all the experiences on the journey!

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