New Album – In French! :)

Voila! The French album I’ve been working on for this year is finally out:

Thank you S2S, for fulfilling another of my dreams – to record an album of French chansons. This is certainly a project which made me learn things I’d never imagine I would be in touch with (or so early in my career), and much as the journey wasn’t always pleasant, I’m thankful at the end of it to have received.

Thanks for making the album yellow in colour. 😀

If you’re not much into French songs, why not check it out? Here’s a couple of samples:



I don’t know which other Singaporean is crazy enough to do this. I cannot explain why, I just feel like I want to do it. 😀

Thanks to my French friends (Fabrice x 2 et Nicolas) and professeur Yannick Appriou for all the help. 🙂

The album is now available at major record stores, I hope you’ll like it! if you do, how about:

1) Buying a copy if you enjoy the music,

2) Spreading the word to support a local artist!

3) Buying it as a Xmas present for your friends (haha!)

In any case, merci beaucoup! 🙂

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