谢谢台北! (Thank you Taipei!)

Voila my first interviews @ Taipei!

Many many thanks to DJ Kevin, Editor Yee Hom and especially DJ 小 Q for being so patient and supportive of me. I’m happy that I’m given the opportunity to promote my album ‘You are my angel‘, and also the new French album ‘Bistro Affair‘ in Taiwan. That is cool 🙂

Interview with DJ 小 Q @ 复兴电台
With DJ 小Q from 复兴电台

With DJ Kevin
With DJ Kevin from Bravo 91.3

Interview with Audio ArtInterview with Editor Yee Hom

On a lovelier note, I love the street food in Taiwan! Pics here. My favourite is undecided as I tussle my love between 鲜肉包 and bacon and egg 葱油饼. And I finally have a chance to drink 50 岚 bubble tea without having to queue 30min here in Spore!

Just next to our hotel..excellent!

Bacon and egg 葱油饼

And I was amused when I saw fried Durian. For once they don’t smell :p
They don't smell, finally!

It’s my 3rd time to Taipei this time round, and I seemed to have forgotten, but it came back to me again – the music and arts culture are so deeply entrenched in the people’s lives that they are reflected in the buildings and architectural designs.

Going to the multi-storey bookstore 诚品书局,which also features Taiwanese artists’ designs and art works, never fails to refresh and inspire me.

And, I feel that the best thing about travelling is when local people come up to talk to you, making you feel welcome and at home. And that did happen to me on my last day right on the mrt when I was probably looking, lost. A local University student seated right infront asked where I was going and we just chatted. As usual, I learnt more about Taipei from him than from any guidebooks. We even exchanged contacts! Isn’t that a lovely way to make foreign friends?

Thank you Taipei for the very warm welcome and support. 听台湾人说话,真是一种享受。:)

Hope I’ll have the chance to perform in Taipei in the near future 🙂

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