《跳班》(Jump Class) – Music Video Release (AND ITS MUSIC)

Finally the show is on!

After working relentlessly on the music production for close to a year (from song conceptualising to song-writing to production and post-production), we could see our results on Starhub channel 都会台 (111/825). Adapted from a comic book by Mr Johnny Lau (author of iconic comic series “Mr Kiasu“), the serial drama captured 2 contrasting worlds “快快世界” vs “乐乐世界”, which serves as great food for thought, especially if you are the type who likes to think “why not?”.

I’m immensely honoured (and lucky!) to be a part of this massive production that featured an award-winning MV director from Taiwan (刘明群), local veteran actors 林明伦,王昱青 & 文祥 and overseas actors like 路佳欣(Taiwan), 福地祐介 (Japan), 杨皓宇 (China).

Here’s the opening theme song I wrote《跳》; the music video has scenes taken off from episode 6 (to be aired on 19 May 15), and the 100 dancers were from O School!

I really enjoyed working with the cast (esp. the children) during the studio recording sessions, and we even had this innovative idea of performing the closing credit song 《天天是好天》’live’ at the end of every episode! Will definitely put the clips up once they are released online. 🙂

One other great ANNOUNCEMENT is, my new EP album 《改变世界》(Change The World) tied up to this serial drama is …. RELEASED!! Digital downloads are now available on ITunes. I wrote 5 new songs specially for the essence of the drama, and we did 1 remix on 《哈哈歌》(The Haha Song) because it already has the ‘Jump Class’ spirit!

改变世界 (Change The World) Cover








After my last album 《我认识过的人》(The People I’ve Known), I did say that I wouldn’t come up with another album because I’d like to do more music production. This experience taught me to never say never. I was touched by the ‘spirit’ of Jump Class, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of making music for this adapted drama!

Jump Class airs on Starhub channel 都会台 (111/825) every Tuesday, 8pm – 830pm (till 16 June only!).

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