《新聲帶》Singsation – Joint Concert with Dawn Wong

《新聲帶》”Singsation” is one concert I never imagined doing. Yet when Ee-Fty approached me to be involved, I jumped in immediately. It is such a brilliant idea, to forge collaboration between indie artists/bands in Singapore. In fact, collaboration is probably the best way to go to increase listener-ship to the indie music community.

I had the pleasure to be paired up with Dawn Wong. We knew of each other’s existence for years, but didn’t really have the circumstance to know each other well enough. This collaboration was a great opportunity to get to know her better!

Because of the publicity for the concert, we decided to:

a) Do a few Youtube videos leading up to the concert day (we did 5 in total, and this is one of them:

b) Write a new song together. YES WE WERE THAT CRAZY! It’s a love project afterall.

The title of the song is 《重心》(which translates to “Centre of Gravity”). It is essentially a love song about 2 good friends falling in love with the same guy, but lo and behold the truth is, the 2 girls can choose to let go, because friendship should be more important than love interest (afterall the friendship is tried and tested while the one with the man is not!). Through this song, we hoped to convey the message that friendships and collaborations (instead of competition) should reign while every indie artist hopes to get more attention/listener-ship. Special thanks to Play By Ear Music School for the wonderful support (yes we recorded this there with their super nice set up, and last minute notification!)

The other concert under ‘Singsation’ was the solo concert by Chriz Tong! Though we didn’t get the chance to perform together in a concert, it was really fun to do the promotions together.

YES 933 09 Oct 13 Plaza Sing
08 Oct 13_UFM1003
08 Oct 13 LOVE972

Honestly, time just swooshed by without much warning and there we were:

Singsation Here you go

Singsation BandScreen

Singsation Ukulele Segment

Play With me

I want to specially thank Audaash for the sponsorship of this lovely lovely piece of dress (click here for full picture) and accessory. The dress looks too simple at first glance. But boy, it really stood out on stage! In fact, what amazes me is the selection of clothes – they look simple on the racks, yet carry something really charming when worn. You have to try the clothes to know what I mean.

Singsation Band

Singsation Band

Special thanks also go out to FMindie for taping our performance during the concert, and the wonderful review post-concert! 🙂

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