《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) Official MV Release!

I’m so proud to announce that my title song’s music video is finally released!!!!
I don’t have that many MVs…and to have a team of awesome people behind this project, rallying for me BECAUSE they dig this song so much… that’s really the ultimate joy of song-writing ^_^

I was very honoured to have Miss Elecher Lee  (Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast 2012), act in this MV… I must have done something good (I don’t know what)…. to deserve this kind of assistance. It means a lot to an indie artist. (More fun/funny behind-the-scene photos to come soon in an upcoming post!)

The song is now available at:




Physical albums are available at Gramophone (Singapore), That Little Happy Shop (Holland Village) and Replugged Music School.

It took the whole suit of personal experiences accrued so far to pen the lyrics down… It truly is a dedication to the people I’ve loved before…and the people who have loved me deeply before. Going through the revolving doors is but a process to know who you are and what suits you (not what you want or think you need). It’s also parallel to the tea leaves swirling down to the bottom of the tea cup… you need the process… so that the tea can taste stronger (as opposed to blend). Life is but a process. Take the risks. Colour your canvas. Make it colourful. Evolve towards happiness. And you’ll find it.

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