《我認識過的人》MV拍攝 (The People I’ve Known MV Shoot)

I got to know about the crew behind this MV via 2 music videos they shot. One is the trailer for Wild Rice’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and the other is a music video of indie artist Jerome Won.

Hence I was really flattered when they (Weidong and Chia Meng from Fictionshore) wanted to shoot the music video for我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known), a song of great significance to myself. I have to count my lucky stars, because I really love the artistry of their works! ^_^

I have to also thank Miss Elecher Lee (Miss Chinese Cosmos Southeast Asia 2012) for agreeing to act in my music video. It was her first time acting in a music video, but what blew me away was her professionalism. It was a super hot day and we were all sweating buckets, but never did she once complain about anything. Her partner-in-crime Nicholas See, was also a darling; I thought that they really gave their all. Chia Meng and Weidong did a great job with casting because the couple looked so great together, esp on-screen!

Day 1

Day 1 was a looong day. I picked Elecher up the day before (from Malaysia) so that she could be ready for a very early morning shoot. We went to (now what seemed like) countless places, and to add to the gruelling-tight schedule, it rained in the middle of the day. -_-

Here’s some behind-the-scene photos, starting with this lovely bicycle scene:
Bicycle scene

Doing hair and makeup out of the boot of a car!

Touching up at a bus interchange 🙂

Nic & Elecher
This has got to be my favourite scene. Perfect brew of colours and vulnerability.

At the end of the shoot, Elecher, Elaine (makeup artist) and I had dinner, and we talked so much (because we couldn’t for the whole day!!!! Haha.)

Elecher & me

Day 2

This was a more relaxing day in terms of schedule, but definitely more nerve-wrecking for me because it was my turn acting and lip-syncing. Anyone who thinks that doing those at the same time is easy… has got to try it in front of a video-cam. It is difficult, because the actions are minimal, and more often than not, you have to let your eyes do the acting.

I have to thank Veganburg for sponsoring the place for the shoot. It was my first time there and I totally dig the clean layout (and the eurpoean green sofa chairs by the window).

Wo Ren Shi MV Shoot 19 Apr 13

My friends would think for a hundred years before they call me anything remotely vegetarian, but even for someone like me I had no problem choosing what I could eat with the huge variety of options. And the food tasted really GOOD!!!!

Wide shot

Here’s Chia Meng (left) and Weidong (right). Asa Lee, the art director (also an indie artist!), was the one taking the photo. I was so relieved to have her because it can be very stressful when it comes to ‘what wardrobe looks great on videos’. And she had her share of digging at my lack of normal-wardrobe logic! waha.


Here are my unsung heros. I am so thankful to these actors/friends for going all the way down for the shoot… hence I felt bad that most of the footage with them were not used in the end (we decided that we really did not want people to feel that I am interviewing potential employees..as opposed to the initial idea of dating several men over a span of time).
Actors and CrewSo, special thanks to Jeremy Kwan, Dennis Nah, Peng Chi Sheng, Tan Yan Wei and Jared Liew. I sincerely had wished that your handsome faces would be shown on-screen 🙂


Thanks to Asa Lee, I am in the Veganburg hot tub (happily, it seems):

Me in VeganBurg Tub

I’d also like to thank the following angels:

Clavin Ng and Jeremy Teo for the wonderful illustrations. I was awed.
Ian Ng for the animation. Thank you for giving the mv an added dimension. 🙂
Tan Wan Sze, Rachel Sim, Teo Ni Zhen: for baring your souls at the start of the music video. This video is for all of us.
Elaine Sow: for the fabulous makeup for Elecher and Nicolas, and for being a sunshine of joy!
Jyue Huey (The Makeup Room): Thank you for the wonderful makeup, and for always being there!
Comb (Shunji Matsuo): I really love the hairstyling! Thanks for your friendship 🙂
Ng Yong Yi & Gregory Quek: for offering all the assistance to make the day possible 🙂

《我認識過的人》(The People I’ve Known) is written for anyone who understands that having loved or met someone is on its own a privilege, and everything is all but a process to better transform you into a better person in this journey of life.

Cheers to maturity and living.

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