《我的歌声里》 – Songs Of Who We Are + Single’s Release

This has got to be one of the really memorable things I’ve done in my life. I was given the opportunity to experience jobs/passions which I normally would not get the chance to experience… the filming was extremely tiring with 10-hour shoot a day for 7 days and because I had to write a song (for the experience) in between filming, I got to sleep only 4-5 hours per day -_-. But hearing the life stories of the coffee-shop boss, the fish market boss, and the car mechanic boss blew me away (You have to watch it to understand what I’m saying!).

There were many things that were not included in the final cut, but the one tip I really cherish was the one given to me by the coffee-shop boss David –> “不忘初心” , which means to never forget the passion and ideals you had at the beginning of the journey. Many people were passionate when they chase after their dreams; but after some time when they’ve made achievements or even conquered their dreams, they became bored and dissatisfied and forgot why they worked so hard for all these when they first started.

The other really interesting experience I had was with Stephanie and her friends who are Cosplay fanatics!

The team even shot an MV for my new single “DayDream” 《白日梦的美》(which was aired at the end of the episode)!

And I met the 2 national sports representative Anne & Yilin!

Catch the episode here:

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