《分手快乐》(Channel U) =《别太寂寞》x 《灵魂伙伴》

Here comes the year of the wooden Goat! Here’s wishing everyone 恭喜发财,样样顺心,身体健康,财源滚滚,洋洋得意!

A great news finally came to fruition on 23 Feb, when Channel U’s serial drama 《分手快乐》 starring Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Calvin Soh, Mindee Ong) aired Mon – Fri at 10pm. One of the songs I released in 2013 under LP 《我认识过的人》was licensed to be the theme song! When I wrote this song, it was based on my personal experience, and it was meant to be a very intimate song. I didn’t expect it to resonate with too many people as I thought that I was quite indulgent with the writing. -_-  I suppose the Universe has other plans for it 🙂

Hear it here:

The sub-theme song 《灵魂伙伴》was also licensed. It was actually a song I wrote for my husband (lyrics co-written with a friend who was also getting married soon in 2013. He had wanted to write it for his wife, and I thought, wow what good timing to be able to co-write the lyrics for our spouses ^_^).

I always think that the energy of a song is very important. I think that this just reinforced the idea. 🙂

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