Vocal Coaching at SingingTechniques.SG

And so… I’ve been teaching singing for 15 years, but it’s something that I haven’t been shouting about all these years. However on reflection, teaching singing is the one thing that has proven itself over and over again that is least effortful for me, and most impactful. The satisfaction of seeing my students improve week after week, and over duration of months and years is indescribable. Sometimes I do wonder how full-time teachers (be it academics or passion-related activities) can do this year in year out, but sometimes i do catch myself understanding – because the satisfaction can be immense.

So I’m dedicating some time to build up my private student base under SingingTechniques.SG, and I’ll be launching a YouTube channel to share some tips and insights into singing. Do subscribe here first if you want to be notified when the first video comes up! 🙂

Am giving a 50% discount for trial lessons for limited period. Share this with friends who might be interested, and email [email protected] for details. 🙂

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Hua Wei Jingle – Vocal Producing (The Voice SG Contestants)

Hear the Hua Wei jingle here, which features The Voice Singapore contestants..and vocals produced by me!

It was so fun to get to know each of the contestants’ unique vocal tone and singing style, assign them lines and create harmony lines etc.

So happy for the opportunity 🙂

Hua Wei Jingle The Voice SG Contestants

(L-R: Daniel, Minghua, Isaac, Meiqi, Alfred, Cherelle, me at Sonic Studio Singapore) 

Livewell Baby Interview

So I’ve been very quiet because of this….

Thank you to Livewell Baby for this interview on my pregnancy thus far!

Read the full interview here (pg 62-62).

Livewell Baby Interview Screenshot

(Thank you Awesome Memories Photography for the photos)


I love the Ocean Gallery

Seriously, Ocean Restaurant has got to be one of the best restaurants in town. And no this is not an advertorial. Ocean Restaurant 24 Jan 16Ocean Restaurant 24 Jan 16

I was invited to perform for a wedding, and I remember my mind getting blown away when I stepped in and saw the huge aquarium, and the HUGE fishes. Now I am sure the glass magnifies the fishes… but the effects were stunning, especially when you stand right in front of the glass and you see all the fishes swimming by. I remember the eyes of the stingrays wriggling at us! Here’s how it is standing right next to the aquarium:   And the action behind me as I perform:

(Through the years – I love love how the stingray came out of nowhere!)

Through The Years

(I’m Yours)
I'm Yours

(Count One Me)

Count On Me

River Valley High School 60th Anniversary 《青春彼岸》

Be warned – this is going to be a super long post. More like how it was like when I started my blog many many years ago…

I am turning 37 soon. If most people live to their 70s-80s, it means that I’m middle age. Middle age is a period when people have enough experiences to look back on their lives to meaningfully do an analysis on fond memories, regrets, and appreciate their past and present better. When I was in my 20s, I didn’t think that my secondary school days could bring as much goosebumps to me as I feel now when I look back. What would I have done differently? For someone who didn’t used to believe in regrets, it is shocking that I do now for some of the choices I made in my life. In any case, it made me want to make things right. And giving back to my alma mater seems like a 101 module I can start off with.

The alumni committee contacted me to compose and produce a song for RV’s 60th anniversary back in mid 2015. Truth be told, RV was the best experience of my schooling life (I bet secondary schools are the best for many people because real and lifelong friendships were made from there). Hence I was very eager to be part of this song production project for my alma mater. What a brilliant way to give back!

We roped in Regine Han from indie band LGF to pen the lyrics and the melody for the verses (I composed the melody for the choruses). Wearing the hat of the music producer was exciting but daunting too, because I’ve never worked with any of them! In the end we decided on having Jiujian 玖健 (veteran in Xinyao music), Tay Sia Yeun 郑夏韵 (Voice of China Season 3 top 6 finalists), Edric Hsu 徐隆 (veteran singer & actor; most recent musical being “Beauty World”); Yeo Cheng Rong 杨承融 (current RV teacher and alumni teacher representative)…and me!

But.. did you know that these people were also from RV? – 许环良,钟琴,陈建彬,冯慧诗。。。 🙂

Hear the song 《青春彼岸》here (produced by my Storyteller Wave Productions!):

On 16th Jan 16, my classmates and I went for the banquet. I was really looking forward more to catching up with them rather than performing the song. I remember we were on a group chat, and one of them said “ok i’ll wait for you at the posters area“. I walked over, and this man walked toward me with his hand reached out to shake mine. I was like… “Don’t tell me you are xxx…“… because I couldn’t recognise him at all!!!! I was stunned (like a vegetable) for a good 5 seconds, trying to look for features that I could recognise…

How fun was that? 🙂

There were too many fond memories of RV… Ncc drills, camps, mass showers and the oily air rifle sessions; home economic sessions with my bland or burnt food and weirdly sewn culottes that I think nobody in the right mind would wear; squabbles with male classmates whom I think were simply immature/childish (on hindsight, they were just acting their age!); the never-ending assembly sessions because the principal just went on and on and my ankles were hurting from prolonged cross-legged sitting; remarkable teachers who were stern but very caring (and of course teachers who unfortunately were teased mercilessly by us, complete with nicknames……… behind their backs of course muahaha).

Most importantly, my passion for music took on another level when a few of my classmates and I won Talentime (we even grabbed the Most Entertaining Group award!). Other than learning more about harmonising, it really gave me a pat on my shoulder. I had wanted to be a singer for the longest time…. and RV was pivotal in that decision.

Photos time! Can you imagine that my class chairman kept this name list for 20 years?

IMG_9536There were classmates who were living overseas, classmates whom we had to guess based on their dialect names, hell, some of us couldn’t even find our own names!

Ey, This is quite funny, but also quite propaganda leh…. -_-|||   IMG_9535 

I was walking in the hall when someone called out to me. I turned and saw a man whom I do not recognise (again!). When he mentioned his name, my world spun a little. Because I should remember him since we had met some years back (as opposed to 20yrs). Oh no. There’s a reason why I’m called Ms Amoeba! Ok I love surprises, but all these are making me feel stupid leh! Meet Qing Xiang my Sec 1-2 classmate. I keep thinking he looks like the Malaysian singer Ah Niu (阿牛).IMG_9540 Look at us!!!  IMG_9563

Photos with just the ladies:

IMG_9543And the gentlemen: IMG_9545

And finally when our form teacher Mr Ang Mia Lee came over! We were his 1st batch immediately after his NIE training. He’s also from RV, so that gives him a 24 years mileage in RV! Goodness me!


This birthday card that was kept by my class chairman for 20 years brought us so much joy. We wrote so much stupid things! IMG_9551

The dinner started REALLY LATE with the 1st dish served at 907pm. But the food overshot my expectations (and I don’t think it was because I was very hungry). For $150, the taste of the food beat many dishes I had at posh hotel weddings.

Check out the painting by Edric Hsu! All drawn up during the mass display. Kudos kudos!

And finally we sang 《青春彼岸》 ……I was really happy that the crowd was appreciative: QCBA PerfIMG_9578

After that, everyone stood to sing the school song. I remember having goosebumps in the middle of it (video): School School

And yes we were from the West Coast campus. Remember the salty-smelling reservoir? I hated it cos I hated running! -_- IMG_9576

Thinking about it, most of my closest friends came from River Valley High. I wish I could go back in time…but perhaps memories taste good because they are long over. 青春未完待续。。。


(With Tay Sia Yeun)

Save My Bag (Made In Italy) – Finally a store in Singapore! #advertorial

Can you imagine setting up a bag business in 2013, and then by the end of 2015, has more than 700 stores across the globe carrying your bags? Check out Save My Bag. Incidentally, Oprah Winfrey was one of the first few customers because she loved it!

I was invited to the store opening at Wheelock Place (B1-05), and voila!, the colourful bags greeted me all at once:

SaveMybagThere’s good reasons why the brand exploded across the globe within 2 years. The bags are made of Poly-fabric with the LYCRA fiber (think swimsuit material), hence they are waterproof, and super LIGHT. The bosses initially created the brand of bags mainly to have them act as a bag cover over luxury bags (which are not waterproof). In the end they turned out to hold their own fort, and become a cult on its own! SaveMybag

When the Singapore boss Christine asked me to lift a bag, the bag swung upwards because I used too much strength. Each bag weighs less than a 330ml of Evian water bottle, but it can lift up to 15kg of weight. This is superbly suitable for people like me who like to lug water bottle, umbrella, and many other 有的没的 around. -_-|||

And with so many colours (30 in all, excluding those with designs), there’s something bound to suit you:


Or if you prefer something more funky, here’s one of them: SaveMybag A picture with

The inspiring people L-R: Melody (co-founder of Singapore Save My Bag, me,Valentina Agazz (creator), Christine (co-founder of Singapore Save My Bag)


And here’s me and my bag! Each of these costs SGF$159. Not bad at all considering that it is 100% made in Italy. Woots!

Save My Bag

McDonald’s D&D (Alkaff Mansion)

I was lovin’ it when I realised that it was McDonald’s that wanted to engaged me for their annual D&D. Mcdonald’s!?! It grew up with me as a child., so pardon my excitement. Well, my favourite burger now is McSpicy 🙂

McDonald's D&D_5dec15

I took a glimpse into the wonderful bond and fun the staff shared. It was a very tight-knitted family, given that new staff who worked there for less than 6 months were introduced to everyone. 2 staff were awarded the 20 Years award, and each was given a Ronald McDonald’s shoe! How special!

McDonald's D&D_5dec15


20th Asian Television Award – Nomination for Best Theme Song

It totally took me by surprise. (List of Nominees)

“The Haha Song” (哈哈歌) in serial drama 跳班_Jump Class entered nomination for Best Theme song at the 20th Asian Television Awards 2015. Never in my wildest dream. When I decided to take the project on, it was rather exciting for me in the stomach; the process was backbreaking (and scary at times), but I had so much support I’m unbelievably lucky. Special thanks to 路嘉欣 (Chia-Hsin LU) for her beautiful rendition of the song. Listen here.

20th Asian Television Award (1)20th Asian Television Award (2)

20th Asian Television Award (3) with Juni
Caught up with Juni from Micappella at the ceremony!

Under my production company The Storyteller Wave, I also produced 2 other songs in the same category (《我不是不爱你》(It’s Not That I Don’t Love You) & 《人生游戏》(The Game of Life) for docu-drama “Blissful Living”). So congratulations are in order to super awesome songwriter & singer EE YinYi!!!



TV Original Song Music Productions for 《我要的幸福》(Channel U)

It was such a delight to produce these songs for a very talented songwriter and singer EE. I love her songs, which showcased her ability to compose in different styles. And she wrote all the lyrics by herself too! The songs were composed according to the storyline for this docu-drama, and boy, how I cried for the first episode! 🙁



“Khoo As A Cucumber” – Krisworld Magazine Music Recommendation

I was surprised when a friend sent a picture of me on Krisworld magazine when he was on his way back to Amsterdam on an SQ flight. I didn’t get to see it for myself, but I still got a kick out of it 🙂
Krisflyer Music Recommendation "Change The World"
(Incidentally, the cool dude below my article is also a “Khoo”).

Thank you Krisflyer! You’ve made one of my dreams come true! <3

《福建人,做阵行》- Original Song for Hokkien Association’s 175th Anniversary

Never in my dreams did it occur to me that I would one day compose a melody for a Hokkien song… but I did! As a Hokkien, I am really flattered and honoured to be approached to compose a theme song for Hokkien Association’s 175th anniversary. It was also a very pleasant experience recording, vocal producing and working with Marcus Chin (陈建彬):

The song was released on 6 Sept 2015, where the Hokkien Association celebrates its anniversary at the Resorts World Sentosa:

And here we are all singing the theme song on the stage!

Hokkien Association Theme Song 福建人,做阵行


《跳班》(Jump Class) – Music Video Release (AND ITS MUSIC)

Finally the show is on!

After working relentlessly on the music production for close to a year (from song conceptualising to song-writing to production and post-production), we could see our results on Starhub channel 都会台 (111/825). Adapted from a comic book by Mr Johnny Lau (author of iconic comic series “Mr Kiasu“), the serial drama captured 2 contrasting worlds “快快世界” vs “乐乐世界”, which serves as great food for thought, especially if you are the type who likes to think “why not?”.

I’m immensely honoured (and lucky!) to be a part of this massive production that featured an award-winning MV director from Taiwan (刘明群), local veteran actors 林明伦,王昱青 & 文祥 and overseas actors like 路佳欣(Taiwan), 福地祐介 (Japan), 杨皓宇 (China).

Here’s the opening theme song I wrote《跳》; the music video has scenes taken off from episode 6 (to be aired on 19 May 15), and the 100 dancers were from O School!

I really enjoyed working with the cast (esp. the children) during the studio recording sessions, and we even had this innovative idea of performing the closing credit song 《天天是好天》’live’ at the end of every episode! Will definitely put the clips up once they are released online. 🙂

One other great ANNOUNCEMENT is, my new EP album 《改变世界》(Change The World) tied up to this serial drama is …. RELEASED!! Digital downloads are now available on ITunes. I wrote 5 new songs specially for the essence of the drama, and we did 1 remix on 《哈哈歌》(The Haha Song) because it already has the ‘Jump Class’ spirit!

改变世界 (Change The World) Cover








After my last album 《我认识过的人》(The People I’ve Known), I did say that I wouldn’t come up with another album because I’d like to do more music production. This experience taught me to never say never. I was touched by the ‘spirit’ of Jump Class, and I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity of making music for this adapted drama!

Jump Class airs on Starhub channel 都会台 (111/825) every Tuesday, 8pm – 830pm (till 16 June only!).

《分手快乐》(Channel U) =《别太寂寞》x 《灵魂伙伴》

Here comes the year of the wooden Goat! Here’s wishing everyone 恭喜发财,样样顺心,身体健康,财源滚滚,洋洋得意!

A great news finally came to fruition on 23 Feb, when Channel U’s serial drama 《分手快乐》 starring Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Calvin Soh, Mindee Ong) aired Mon – Fri at 10pm. One of the songs I released in 2013 under LP 《我认识过的人》was licensed to be the theme song! When I wrote this song, it was based on my personal experience, and it was meant to be a very intimate song. I didn’t expect it to resonate with too many people as I thought that I was quite indulgent with the writing. -_-  I suppose the Universe has other plans for it 🙂

Hear it here:

The sub-theme song 《灵魂伙伴》was also licensed. It was actually a song I wrote for my husband (lyrics co-written with a friend who was also getting married soon in 2013. He had wanted to write it for his wife, and I thought, wow what good timing to be able to co-write the lyrics for our spouses ^_^).

I always think that the energy of a song is very important. I think that this just reinforced the idea. 🙂